Thomas Francis Meagher Fife and Drum Band Waterford

                                      the yellow road band

Though small in numbers from near and far
They're the boys and girls of the TF Meagher
With fife and drum they carry the load
this historic band from the yellow road

Drummers to the fore with wind behind
A prouder group 'twould be hard to find
Playing 'The Boys of Wexford' and 'The Three Little Flowers'
They entertain the public and play for hours

Marching in parades and St. Patrick's Day
All Ireland Champions you should hear them play
Tanter to the left and Nicky to the right
In full regalia they're a wonderful sight

Big John Houlihan still going strong
Playing all the right music they couldn't go wrong
Madigan in front leading the way
Marching together down by the Kay
Power, Collins, kelly, Barnes and Coad
Flanagan, Walker, the men who make the Yellow Road

Sutton, O'Brien, Flynn and many others
Fathers, sons, daughters and brothers
A vice president named Sonny and a Yank called Daly
Playing Rodgers & Hart and even Bill Haley

On Easter Morn 'twas their pride and joy
To lead the procession out to Knockboy
And so they entertain each of them a star
A part of Waterford's history, the TF Meagher

By Eddie Wymberry

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